Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Edition

Here's a little background about myself: I am a male in my mid 20's. I am a 6th year college senior, better late than never as the old adage goes. I am also a part time librarian, 'Library Assistant,' if you're into formalities.

I have been in the library system for two years. I have worked at 6 different branches all together. Three are smaller community libraries and three are much bigger regional libraries. I have currently been working for two different library systems for over six months, one is for the county and the other is for a city. Although one might think that a library is a library is a library, there are many small nuances that separate each branch not to mention between different systems and it is fun to observe the various distinctions.

I had a friend ask me why I worked at the library two of them. I don't read as much as I would like to and I never was one to frequent the library, unless I was cramming for a final, but I genuinely like working there. All of my coworkers have been friendly and easy to work with. The environment, for the most part, is quiet and safe. Like most other jobs, every day brings different challenges which I look forward to. The pay is surprisingly good for the amount of work required.

My favorite part is interacting with the patrons, yes, even the difficult ones. I am a business major and it is a great opportunity to see customer service in action. I also like to brag, if you can call it that, about having two "government jobs."I encounter so many different people and events at work and I have made numerous observations and I hope to share those experiences with anybody willing to read about them. I don't care if no one reads this at all actually.

I like to write about the trivial and it is also a fun way to vent or write down the quirky things that happen at the libraries.So if you're reading this, enjoy.