Monday, May 20, 2013

Operation Creepy Carrots

The Abyss...

My supervisor made the wise decision to place a picture book on the ledge of his cubicle.  Needless to say the book fell into the abyss a few days later.  It was a slow night, as usual, so he and I spent the last hour looking for items in the branch to use to retrieve it.

The circ manager saw both of us on his desk with our heads against the wall and asked us "what the hell are you two up to now?"  She told us it was a lost cause because the gap between the wall and cubicle was too narrow and the only way to separate the cubicle wall would be to dismantle the whole row of cubicles, 6 in total.  The circ manager just rolled her eyes and told us that it was impossible to get it back and to just mark it missing --- oh yeah, challenge accepted.  We only had an hour before closing so we called it quits for the night.

After clopening (Clopening; noun: when you are scheduled to close the night and open the next morning), we returned to our mission to free Creepy Carrots from the cubicle crevasse.  We ended up using two yard sticks and "chop-sticking" the book free.  I sent this pic of the successful rescue and she just replied, "So how much cursing and band-aids did it take?"  No band-aids were needed --- thank you very much, a few curse words though...

There's a book in my boot!


  1. Hooray! Way to rock!

    And "clopening" reminds me of my Starbucks barista days, work till 9:30pm and back in at 4:30am.

    1. If it was a copy of '50 Shades of Gray,' I first would have made fun of my coworker, then I would have marked it MISSING my damn self.

      Dang, those hours are rough. The earliest I had to be at Best Buy was 6 AM during the holidays but I was young and dumb so it was easier to do.

    2. Ha! Seriously.

      Blerg, holiday hours. I once had to work black Friday and had to be there at 3:30am. Ridiculous!