Thursday, August 15, 2013

Shout out to Rick Yancey

Okay, so I deleted my Facebook account years ago and I never Google my user name but I just purchased the latest Humble Bundle and I am planning on changing my Origin user name.  I wanted to see how many different sites I use 'Bibliotecher' on.  I like to keep my interwebz circles separated, so I have a handful of various user names for different kinds of sites along with a couple of emails addresses as well.

On the first page of search results my username was mentioned on Facebook... Facebook???  I consider Facebook the devil, so of course I checked it out and it was linked to author Rick Yancey's page.

Ironically my quote is from my Twitter account, which I RARELY use, just look at my Twitter feed.  That was my last Tweet and that was from nearly two months ago!

I still am amazed at how technology brings us closer to people we would never have been able to directly contact before.  Oh, and I still haven't figured out what I should change my Origin user name to...


  1. You should totally use twitter more! I love me some twitter. (Even with some work drama that it caused..)That and Instagram are my favorite.

    1. Twitter just reminds of Facebook status updates... Facebook is the devil!