Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Suck Times Infinity...

So the County is strapped for cash, where else to look for loose change but the pockets of the patrons? July 1st ushered a new era of sucking: new fees, new rules, and new hours. Yup seems like everything is new except the bacteria infested public keyboards are still the same, except now they're a little bit more grimier! We are now charging to look up accounts for those who do not have their library card with them. "Adding value to the library" card is what they're calling it. I call it another reason for patrons to argue with us. Of course my first two look up fees are for two elderly ladies. I seriously would have conveniently "forgotten" about the newly enacted fees, but a manager was working the desk near me and were watching. So my sincerest apologies to those two ladies, I really would have looked out for you.

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