Thursday, August 20, 2009

You can't attract librarians with vinegar

I got into two separate arguments with a patron today. It would have just been one, but fortunately for me she's hard headed AND hard of hearing. She kept mentioning about how her "regular" branch said its ok to renew this particular book or use one of my favorite loopholes, check it in and check it right back out. But these particular materials are only on loan for 2 weeks without renewal because they are in high demand and patrons don't like being #258 in the holds queue for the latest James Patterson. The second time she came up to me and I told her we can't, she had the nerve to tell me, "we went through this before, I told you (blank) said its ok." This is where I leaned forward and I told her that I already told her that we do not do that. She snatched the book and said that she would take it to her "other branch" and get it done there. Unfortunately I didn't grab her name so I wasn't able to send an email to that branch. In all honesty, if she wasn't such a b!+*# and played the sweet, naïve, innocent patron approach I just *might* have looked out for her. Guess we'll never know...

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