Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm the Lifeguard Who Doesn't Like to Swim...

It's well known at my branch that I don't read much, if at all, unless its for school. So when I was asked at my temporary branch if I read a lot (I assume that it's widely assumed that all people working in a library like to read), I simply told her, "Not at all, I'm the lifeguard who doesn't like to swim."

But I am trying to change all of that with my semester off. I recently finished, "Gang Leader for a Day," yes, I know you're supposed to underline titles, but I can't on my Crackberry. I stopped by my home branch to pick up some holds. I have yet to finish "The World is Flat" before one of my other holds comes in, "Hot, Flat and Crowded." My coworkers confronted me about the second book I had come to pick up, McKenzie Phillips' "High on Arrival." First, they were shocked I was reading (haha-funny one guys), then they were startled I was reading this title (it's for my mom!), finally they were dismayed when I didn't recognize any of The Mamas and the Papas' tunes they were, uhm, how should I describe it..."singing"?

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