Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Session of Hell

2 core classes.
6 weeks.
6 - blog posts.
3 - issue papers.
2 - 10 page research papers.
2 - group projects: 2 presentations, one 10 page paper.
1 - web heuristic analysis: 3 page paper.
1 - IR analysis: 5 page paper.
1 - library figure analysis: 5 page paper and presentation.
1 - HTML/CSS/XML project.
It all adds up to one effing busy start to the summer. But its over and I can de-stress the rest of the summer until fall semester starts.

Summer is officially here and the dreaded SRP is back, the holds list for Twain and Steinbeck grew exponentially overnight. Also making a return are the Russian lifeguards, I noticed they're all from Kyrgyzstan this year.

I am going to attempt to read more(? can't technically be referred to as "more" when it's nonexistent) during my down time. I've placed holds on all of the "Worst-Case Scenario" series. I know it's not classic literature but it's a start and who knows when one will need to know how to survive a runaway sled or how to survive a riot.

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