Monday, July 26, 2010

You Know it's a Sunday When...

The picture is of the bookdrop shoot turned "Slip-n-Slide." For all of those less fortunate who have never experienced riding/sliding/falling down one, I can honestly say you're not missing much. Because any pebble or bump that was under the tarp hurt like hell!

I don't know what it is about working Sundays, but it’s very unique because it always comes along with its special set of patrons and problems.

It started off with a regular problem patron who thinks the whole staff is against her. She wanted my coworkers' names to report them to the higher ups. She then used the public phones to call the cops ON US, they never bothered showing up (shocker).

Later my coworker commented about how quickly it got dark and a patron responded by letting us know that there was a tornado watch (fun). I was about to go on break and I had one leg in the elevator when the whole place when dark. I was a couple seconds away from being trapped, not cool at all. The power never came on and we had to check people out by writing down their card numbers and item numbers. Damn, did I curse the 50 item maximum limit and the patrons who chose to exercise that right. Seriously though, you see us working with flashlights, or the illumination of our cell phones, and you get impatient because we have to use pen and paper --- dummies.

After a messy day like that, I ended up watching 'Inception' after some coworkers and friends talked it up. Man, the only way I can describe it is: "Mind-f@*k." Yeah, pardon the language, but it is a great movie! When I walked into work, another coworker found out I watched it last night and she quickly cornered me and we started analyzing and breaking it down.


  1. Though I have worked through countless power outages (and one tornado warning where we actually had to herd the patrons into a narrow inner hallway - not fun!), whenever there's a storm I get the crazy idea that maybe we'll close early and get to go home. I suppose I’ll never learn.

    Wasn’t Inception great?! I was talking about it to another coworker and our children’s librarian came up and interrupted to say it was the worst, most violent movie she had ever sat through. As she walked away I could only feel sorry for her and all the truly gratuitously violent movies she’s missing out on.

  2. Inception rocked, surprisingly, it was our main children's librarian who kept telling me to watch it. Then again, I've never seen her in any festive cardigans... maybe she isn't a "librarian" at all.