Thursday, September 16, 2010

For Shame... Damn You Stereotypical Librarians...

I received a link to this video today from management.  I really am unsure if I should even post it because it would only encourage more horribleness.  *sigh*  I really do not want to be an enabler of librarian lameness but this has got to stop.  Don't these people have books to weed or something?  These videos are so damn cheesy it makes my stomach turn.

You know what else makes my stomach turn --- bookcart drill teams.  The first one I only witnessed in person was at this summer's past ALA Convention and it made me want to run out and ask for the last 10 minutes of my life back.  I solely blame it on the generation gap between the soon-to-be outgoing librarians and all of the young-in's just getting their feet wet.

This leads me no choice but to lead a Librarian Revolution and bring drastic sweeping changes to the entire profession, and whack videos like this will be the first to go.

Don't get me wrong, I love (most of) my (older) coworkers, but I in no way approve of this hot mess.

By the way, what the hell is library management doing sharing YouTube videos during work, oh that's right, you only move up the more inept you are and bonus points for not actually doing any real work.


  1. Indeed, that lameness has got to stop. How can we honestly expect anyone to take us seriously as professionals when our colleagues bow down to the lowest (and dumbest) common denominator. You can blame videos like these on the twopointopians and the hipster librarians who, one, apparently do not have enough stuff to do, and two, think that if they get "cute," that people will pay more attention to libraries and librarians. Really? I bet a lot of taxpayers look at that wondering, "we are funding what again?"

    Stuff like that just makes me ashamed of this profession. We could be doing so much, and instead, our colleagues make cutie videos. And don't even get me started on the wet behind the ears colleague here who, lo and behold, is working on one of those videos.

  2. Sometimes I think these dorky videos could be good for discouraging younger people from entering the overcrowded profession. Nothing is nerdier than librarian music videos.

  3. At least they are trying.
    Sure it's dorky, but at least they embraced technology instead of hiding in the break room hoping it goes away.
    But yeah, the first minute 1:20 was cute. I couldn't tolerate to watch any more after that. Shorter is better when it comes to that type of thing.

  4. DANCES WITH BOOKS, don't be ashamed! Embrace the "darkside" and join your local bookcart drill team!

    SHUSHIE, that and the required holiday themed work attire ought to do it.

    LIBRARY NINJA, (I like your name, do you silently move through the stacks and take out problem patrons with poison tipped throwing stars?? I would)... Embracing YouTube is okay, albeit a little late, but I respect my elders and I will let this one slide. But if I hear that they have joined the Second Life bandwagon, I swear I will flood their bookdrops with copies of Time and Newsweek!