Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This book epitomizes the ultimate Halloween Fail, and I challenge you to find one that can trump this Royal Flush down the drain.  Do you see how bad this book is??  Just by posting this, it's failness is seeping into my system.

Really??  You're going to suggest someone carry a ladder around?

Ugh... I think I actually enjoyed reading Catch-22 back in the day.  This is version 2.0 of this costume, the first one suggested a plastic bag, but uhm, yeah, that didn't work out, so a mesh net was recommended instead.

Yes, wear a bunch of ladies undergarments on the front of your shirt and enjoy the tons of stares you'll get as the Halloween party-perv.

That or you can be the crazy guy stabbing cereal boxes, pick you poison.


  1. OMG -- we were just looking at that book at work the other day and laughing about the terrible costume ideas too! Most were groan worthly if not subject to all out booing. "Chick Magnet" (where the person would glue Peeps to themselves) caused an all out war on the circ desk as many of us argued about the availibity of easily finding Easter candy in October, but also, wouldn't the marshmallow Peeps get all melty during the hot gluing process? C'mon people!

  2. Haha, appears this book is infamous.
    Well, for my costume, I just used superglue instead of hot glue. Oh wait, did I say my, I meant to say my friend's Chick-Magnet costume... Yeah, my friend's...