Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Staff Meetings... WHY!??!

Every month it's the same BS.  All 30 of my coworkers and I are herded into the big meeting room and we are stuck for the next 2 hours talking about nothing.

If anything, it is always speculation about the upcoming budget and what it will mean for the library.  And each statement comes with the warning, "This is not finalized yet, but I just wanted you guys to know."  I get most of my library-related information from my coworkers OUTSIDE of the meetings.

This time around we had a member of the Library Foundation come in to give us a "pep-talk."  You know the usual - "Public libraries are important!"  His speech turned into a scare talk when he mentioned the privatization of public library systems around the country.  Of course my older coworkers have never heard of this before and this threw them all into a fit --- "Oh nooez! What about my retirement!?!"  The Foundation guy even said that the higher up's have not even mentioned or considered this option, so why did he even bring it up???

You know what, if the library is ever run by a private company, I can tell you a couple of people who should be let go. 

If time is money, then why is every branch wasting EVERYONE'S time, tomorrow, I have to cover the desk for another branch while they have to go through the same thing.  SAME ISH, DIFFERENT LIBRARY.


  1. You have my condolences for the b.s. A good part of my journal is often devoted to the inanities of staff meetings at the Backwater Rural Branch (BRB) U. library. Hours on end stuck in a room talking about, as you point out, nothing. Given all the talk about budgets, cost-cutting, etc., I am surprised one of those library administrators with a business fetish has not done a cost calculation for how much it costs to hold those meetings.

  2. I spend staff meetings drawing pictures and belittling my coworkers because they make stupid comments and suggestions.

  3. Oh how I miss those meetings! Actually, what I do miss is the giantic spread we would get to chow down on during the meeting. So even though you were getting bad news you at least got cake.

    ALL of my meeting notes are covered with cartoons and drawings!

    that is a good idea, next month I will calculate the money spent on staffing these ridiculous meetings.

    I would love to crack jokes about my coworkers, but the branch manager has bionic ears and can hear a whisper across the room.

    they always sucker you in with food, and then when you're all sluggish from the food coma, that's when they'll strike!

  5. Oh, I make sure everyone hears what I'm saying. I'm the youngest full time staff member, so I get away with saying crap all of the time because they brush it off as me acting my age.

    My Director recently told me my biggest problem it that I have "balls bigger than Babe Ruth." I honestly say what I want when I want, which is why my Director likes me so much.

    I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't speak my mind about my idiotic coworkers.