Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Office Parties....

This is my Holiday office decoration.  My friend named him, "Code-E" because he likes reading barcodes--harharhar.  I ended up cannibalizing a Mr. Potato Head I found in one of my cubicle drawers, I have no idea how it ever got there.  I also found the Christmas ornament in my cubicle when I first moved in, its dated from 1998.

This past weekend I attended my girlfriend's Holiday office party, screw being P.C., let's keep it real - it was a Christmas party, with Christmas trees and Christmas songs.  It had an open bar, need I say more?

For some reason this year's party is being held at the Assistant Branch Manager's house.  Egads man, are you serious!??!  You're supposed to keep the worlds in your life separated for your personal well-being.  Work stuff stays at work, and home stuff stays at home.  The only reasons why I have had co-workers come over to mine, is because we're friends.  I don't want to "hang out" at my manager's house.  I have no idea why the big meeting room isn't good enough.

There's around 40 of us in the branch, so I'm not quite sure how we are going to fit together in any room at one given time.  I'm contemplating calling out, or I should say I have violent allergic reactions to felines, OF COURSE SHE HAS A CAT.  I would be more surprised if she didn't have one.

It's a potluck and I opted to bring in some sort of baked goods, I haven't had a chance to visit the bakery at the grocery yet.  I can't cook and I won't subject anyone to it.  I'm the dependable drinks / chips / cups / utensils / plates / napkins kind of guy, but of course the sign up sheet explicitly said that those will supplied.... Cup-Blockers!


  1. Yeah, we're having a "winter party," -- is my branch manager a risk taker or what? And I'm always the one who brings drinks and cups. The hell I'm going to slave away for several hours making cookies from scratch to have my coworkers complain they're not glutten free...again.

    I'm sorry your party is at the asst. branch manager's home instead of work, where it should be. Going to someone's home that you don't want to be at is always an awkward situation.

  2. Ugh... Yeah, our branch manager kept mentioning Winter Solstice along with Hanukkah and Christmas, I'm sure more people celebrate Festivus than that!

    The party was okay, Circ and Pages took over the basement, and Info and the managers were upstairs. The decor made it seem like an episode of "That 70's Show." Brown appliances, really??