Monday, December 27, 2010

I Got My MLIS from Oxford, Suck on That!

So it is official, I am halfway through my MLIS degree.  As long as my plan goes accordingly, this time next year I will have a paper that says I am fully accredited in aiding patrons Facebook stalk and solving printer jams.  But a lot can happen in a year so I'm keeping my expectations low.

Last week, I received this generic spam letter in the mail.  My mom got all excited, still is, at the prospect of the so called "bragging rights" of an Oxford bound son.  What sounds better than paying for 9 credits at an 18 credit premium, and better yet, credits that do not even apply to my degree.

Maybe if I had a million sitting in the bank, but then again why would I be getting an MLIS.  It just does not appeal to me.  I want to get in and get out, I have a two year plan for this degree and no stuffy resume filler will deter me from it!  I can get decent fish and chips here anyways.

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