Monday, April 11, 2011

"Romance" Novels and My Case Against Them...

props to MotherMania

I would like to enter the picture to the left as Exhibit 5b into evidence as to why these so-called "romance" novels are ridiculous.

I would like to remind my peers of the jury that all of the results of extensive interviews and research conducted with world renowned doctors and experts have categorically denied the existence of the phenomenon known as a "Dick Attack" AKA Phallus-Arrest.

I came across this post at Reddit and it was too good to not repost here especially since I am such a big fan of romance novels.

Symptoms of a "Dick Attack" may include delusional thoughts that you will be whisked away by a foreign billionaire who unconditionally loves you just the way you are even with your obessions of LOL Cats and/or picturing yourself watching the sunset on a beachside cliff with a long haired, shirtless Fabio.  Please, if you or anyone you remotely care about is experiencing these symptoms, stop reading at once.


  1. My coworker and I tried to find this book, but our system doesn't carry it, for shame. She picked up another of her books and skimmed it for some gold but couldn't find any.