Monday, April 18, 2011

Trolling National Library Week.

Yay Library Week!(I guess?)...  The only thing to look forward to is the poster board asking patrons to let us know what the library means to them.

Browsing the board I saw the epitome of comment trolling: "Obnoxious, Entitled Snobs."  I am sure that there are some library branches out there that some people do not get along with, it's bound to happen.  Even within the system I work for, patrons have their favorite and least favorite branches, whether it's the collection, building, or staff.  I know that some people can misinterpret my online-persona and think that I must be a total douche to patrons, but this couldn't be further from the truth.  This is my outlet to relieve the stress from working customer service with the general public.  If you haven't worked with the public, you'll have a hard time relating.  I believe that everyone should work retail at least once in their life for the experience, working for the public is much the same.

People that work in public libraries do not do it for the prestige, title, and pay (or lack thereof).  I'm fairly certain that the troll who wrote that comment was upset because they didn't get what they wanted, which was probably something against the rules of library-land (the public library is not your own personal free use supply closet, there is a limit on the public internet PC's because there are other people who need it as well, anything returned that you damaged will be billed to you even though you may think you paid for it already with your taxes...etc, the list goes on and on).

The balance was restored by the time I went back to take a picture of it another patron wrote their own post right next to troll.

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