Monday, August 15, 2011

The Library Shop is Now Open.


So I finally got around to creating a CafePress store for The Library image I created for one of my first MLIS courses

Pardon the complete plain and boring look of the store, I am still trying to figure my way around the site.

The site has been up for awhile but I wanted to wait until I saw the final product first.

This is most likely another one of my new hobbies and I have a few more designs in the work, who knows how long I'll keep up with it. 

Might as well rock it while I'm into it!


  1. What? No coffee mug?!

    I dig the tote bag much, much more than the goofy, papery fabric ones we have that features the bad drawing of a stick figure with a heart and a book, drawn by child patron who actually won our tote bag design contest last year.

  2. Miss Shushie,

    Yeah, I had to do a quick resize on the image template for the mugs, but they are up!