Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Back to School...

I could never understand the pure joy that the dad actor portrays in this commercial until SRP came around.

Despite the recent budget cuts, our youth librarians were able to book talk this year.  I really believe that this resulted in the huge surge in library card registrations, patrons visits, and circ numbers this summer.  It has been a rough summer on the branch.  It was nice seeing the twice a year patrons visit as well, they come in during the beginning of summer, stock up on as many books on all of the library cards their household has, and you see them for the last time when they come back to return everything.

This week was not any better, work on the roof resulted in the whole branch smelling like aisle 9 of Home Depot and the nonstop hammering didn't make it any better.  Then the earthquake happened and it made for an interesting day.  I was in the backroom working with a volunteer, she looked at me and I told her it was an earthquake, she thought it was a roof collapse from the workers.  I headed out to the desk and a manager made an announcement that we were evacuating.  Several patrons recognized the severity of the situation, the building is far from quake-proof, and they quickly hustled out the door.  I walked to the back of the stacks and started herding the lazies.  Several people wanted to check their items out and some had to be forcibly removed from the public internet stations --- don't worry you can update your Twitfacespace later.

Now they are talking about a hurricane for the weekend, fun.  Honestly, I would take whatever Mother Nature has to offer just as long as SRP comes to an end sooner.

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