Tuesday, November 8, 2011

eReader Have You Missing the New Book Smell? Problem Solved!

Now you can choose between that "New Book Smell" or "Eau, You Have Cats."  Hell, you can enjoy your e-reader and the smell of bacon at the same time!  Okay so this isn't a new product and it hasn't been for sale since 2009 since some funny person in China decided to recycle some old "New Car Smell" cans.

I just recently got my first tablet thanks to HP's crazy fire sale.  Initially I was going to flip it, but the gadget lover in me couldn't resist keeping it.  Once I installed p-Reader, my reading has increased exponentially.  I'm not kidding, my coworkers/friends used to always make jabs at me that I don't read but yet I'm going for my MLIS... In the past month, I have read more than I have had in the past 5 years.  Well who's laughing now???


  1. That's what I constantly hear about e-readers! I should maybe get one. I always have like 15 books checked out and they just sit there on my nightstand. Staring at me..glaring at me..daring me to read them. And I don't. And then I feel bad.

  2. MISS HM, the holidays are coming up, you should add an e-reader to your Wish-List. I gave up on checking out books, they'd just end up sitting at my desk at work or in the car.