Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Patrons trying to be Artsy...

Some library got these awesome book sculptures. It inspires the wannabe creative side in me; I am definitely going to try to Dremel the crap out of some discarded books.

The only artsy thing a patron left my old branch was this:
"What is love?  Never shout Never"... 
Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more --yea yea.... Oh man, I'm definitely adding this to my MP3 player.


  1. Kids and teens just scribble and write their names on our property. :-(

  2. I've tried 2 years in a row to do altered book crafts and for some reason the patrons don't like a designated time and place to destroy books. They only like to do it out of sight from the librarians.

  3. Miss MISFIT,
    You should introduce them to the 741.xx section, better yet, the 808.xx, then maybe they can be all emo and leave random thoughts on love and life like this picture.

    Miss HM,
    Do you have any experience with book crafting??? I really want to give it a shot on some discards.