Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympics in the Library.

Great game Ladies!
There was no way I was going to miss the US Women's Soccer game against France today.  I know I could watch the replay after work but why wait when you can watch it live.  My desk schedule was on, off, on, off, etc, so I was able to watch the first half.  When I came out to the desk, it was 1 - 1, at the end of the first half, and I told my supervisor that this was going to be a great game and it really was. 

My supervisor came to the backroom and peeked over my cubicle wall to take a look at it, and I mentioned that it was the beginning of the third extra period.  He replied, "Oh, I guess your feed is on a delay then."  The moment that slipped, his expression changed to, "Oops!" and he quickly went back to the info desk.  He said that right when France seemed to have a good possession too so I was extra tense.  A few minutes after, I walk back on to the desk grinning, and he said that he hoped he didn't ruin the game for me.  I told him no biggie, in fact, I was really worried that we wound up losing the game.

Stupid NBC Olympics App, what's the deal with the delay???  It's not like it is just a 30 second delay either, but over a minute or so.  "Live stream" my ass...
So it looks like Thursday will be another great day for women's Olympic soccer --- USA! USA!

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