Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ruby Sparks Minus the Spark... "This is not a love story."

Last night after work, I met up with my library friends to watch "Ruby Sparks."  To be honest, I only ended up watching it because of peer pressure.  The trailers for it did not catch my interest at all.

Looking at all of the reviews popping up, a lot of them mentioned "500 Days of Summer," a movie I really enjoyed.  So I figured, what the hell, you never know, I might actually enjoy it.  Yeah, whoever mentions the two films in the same regard should never be trusted when it comes to movie reviews or anything at all.

I was so disappointed with the movie, that I had to watch "500 Days of Summer" today.  I can see why people could mention the two.  Ruby is a wannabe of Zooey's character Summer.  They share so many similar physical qualities.  I liked Ruby a lot more than Paul Dano's main character, Calvin.  I wanted to reach out and punch Calvin through the screen so many times.  Within the first few minutes into the movie, I knew I hated him.  He doesn't come off as a likeable guy, something you kind of need in a so-called "romantic" movie.  Other small similarities: both main characters drive an old BMW and the use of French music in the soundtrack.

My second regret of last night, after wasting money on this movie, was not having a third Long Island Ice Tea before watching it.


  1. I was actually wondering if this was any good. There were like a million reviews about how wonderfully quirky it was. Hmm...may have to save my money.

    Now go watch "Celeste and Jesse Forever" and tell me if its any good. :)

    1. Hey MISS HM,

      Yeah, you know people just don't want to be honestly harsh when they break out the Q-word, ("Oh, you might like it, it's quirky!"
      Yes, I do want to see that movie! No lie, I love Rashida Jones, so I feel like I would be completely biased.