Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mid-Year's Resolution

Last Saturday after work, I went to my friend's house to use her garage and her brother's tools to install a hitch to my car.  The master plan is that with this hitch, I will attach a bike rack, attached to said bike rack will be the mountain bike that has been sitting in my basement for the past 3 years.  I won the bike for free and people thought that I would have sold it as per my usual hustle-mentality.  But I decided to keep it and paid to have it put together by a local bike shop.  I reasoned that it would be good to have a non-gas dependent mode of transportation just in case, you know, the world goes to sh*t.

With the hitch and rack, I no longer have an excuse to NOT take the bike out to the trails.  The installation took 45 minutes longer than usual, because I'm a dummy and rushed through it.  Fortunately, with my friend's help, no one needed medical attention and the only injuries sustained were mosquito bites.  Here's to a summer of being more active outdoors!

Also, how anticlimactic was the season 3 ending for Game of Thrones!??  As I was watching it, I kept looking at the clock and told myself, "They're surely going to show Joffrey's wedding!"  NOPE... They should have saved the Red Wedding for the season finale to really screw with non-readers.


  1. Yay for being active in the summer! I need to get a bike myself. I did start doing aqua aerobics at the pool. It was super delightful zooming past the gym to the pool. I hate the gym.

    Happy bike riding!

    1. I hate the gym too, there's no way you could ever catch me in one! I tried riding the bike in the cul-de-sac and I was all wobbly... I'm going to need to slowly get back into it before I hit any off road trails.

      Have fun at the pool!