Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Rains of Castamere...

Some people seem to be all pissy about last Sunday's Game of Thrones episode.  How do you think all the readers felt reading that chapter line by line??  I'm glad I read the whole series last summer, I know what to expect and it still doesn't ruin the show for me.

It is nice to see how they translate the book to the show.  There are inconsistencies but they are minor enough that they do not ruin the whole experience.  Well, except for the part where Catelyn seems to have actually cared for Jon Snow.  I have come to really hate her character in the book and when the episode showed her talking about trying to like Snow, I had to instant message my friend and double check to see if that ever happened in the books.  It didn't and Catelyn is still a b.

I cannot believe that the last episode of the season is upon us already.  It's going to be an AWESOME episode!

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