Sunday, March 2, 2014

(Potential) Snowpacalypse 2014...

Snow has yet to touch the ground, but tomorrow is already a paid snow day, wwwwwooooooootttt!

I decided to make a last minute grocery and gas station run tonight.  I felt guilty for the recent influx of pizza invading my diet (damn you Papa John's and Pizza Hut deals), so I bought some bagged salad, grapes (seems like the good boxes of clementines were already picked over, also damn you Halo commercials), stereotypical storm-prep milk (there was only 1 non-fat organic carton left), and some Cup-o-Noodles. 

I really enjoy shopping right before a storm, most of the shelves are barren as people frantically scramble to buy what they think they'll need.  I like to pretend that I'm in a pre-post-apocalyptic scenario, like right before the zombie virus hits the region.  During the last snowpacalypse, it lasted for a week or so and grocery store shelves were the emptiest I've ever seen before.  You really had to just buy what was available and make do.  After numerous failed visits to grocery stores in an ever-expanding radius, I was finally able to score some bread and juice from a convenience store.

I still have some leftover gas for the snow-blower from the last snowstorm so I should be good to go.  All I ask is that the electricity stay on so I can continue my binge Netflix re-watching of Top Gear (BBC version of course).

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