Friday, June 5, 2009

New nickname...

So within my first hour working the Circ desk on what started out as a slow Friday, I got my new workplace nickname. I was working with one of my older coworkers, Miss P, and during me helping an elder female patron, she mentioned that I was, "such a sweet thing." I blushed a little and told her to have a good weekend. Later on another coworker, Miss M, asked Miss P what names she chose for her new kittens, Miss P turned to me and asked, "what did that patron call you? Oh yeah! 'Sweet Thing.'" Miss M had a big laugh and I blushed hard because well, I'm not use to being called that, not at work. Fortunately for my the sake of my embarrassment one of my younger coworkers Miss V heard this exchange and ended up telling another coworker. And before the end of the day, I was christened, "Sweet Thing" or "ThAng" depending on who calls me it. My cubicle has even been pimped out by my coworkers with my name. Wonder what's in store at work tomorrow : \

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