Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Damn you GRE!!

So I took the GRE yesterday, let me say that when it comes to any test, I am almost always the first person to finish. That wasn't the case yesterday. It was an omen when the testing center left a voice message asking if I had the address. Well, I had an address, apparently the old address from my confirmation email. I called the center and spoke with someone and they said that several people never received the correct address and missed their tests, sucks for them. My test started with the writing portion first, I wanted to save that for the end but oh well. Then came the math section, I don't know what happened but I struggled through the whole section. This was the only section where I had to rush at the end because I was running out of time, so the last few questions I guessed. By the time I finished the verbal, I was so frustrated and wanted to leave that I clicked over the portion where it showed my score - doh! I asked a proctor if I would get a print out and he said its online. Well I checked online and I need to receive my scores in the SNAIL mail before I can access it online. WTH, this isn't my week at all...

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