Monday, September 7, 2009

Joined the Darkside

Within a month of transferring to my current branch they hired a somewhat young person to join the ranks of management. I say "somewhat young" because after the 4 of us who are in our 20's, she's the median between "us" and the next closest staff member in age. She can relate to the younger crowd but she can also relate to the rest. It was cool to think that the younger ones had someone on the inside of management who could let's our woes be heard.
Well that plan didn't last long. She's fully developed what my coworker calls, "Management Syndrome." She was probably brainwashed during the monthly Circ manager meetings. While branch, circ, and info meetings have been cut to once every other month, circ management has deemed it necessary to continue to meet every month. No one has any idea what they actually do during them, but I believe they use those 2 hours to get away from annoying patrons and the stress they bring.

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