Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Firedrill Fail

I have worked at a total of 7 different branches and have been fortunate enough to NOT be scheduled during any of their routine firedrills.

Well, my luck ran out last week as I experienced my first one and it was pretty uneventful.

It was supposed to be a surprise as to catch everyone off guard and see how prepared they all really are. But that element was thrown out the window when the assistant branch manager had the check list clipboard in her hand and waited for 5 minutes at the circ desk for a lull in people checking out before she pulled the alarm.

It sure scared one patron, he happened to be on his cell phone when it went off and he literally ran out the exit, if there were any children or elderly in front of him, I have no doubt he would have knocked them out of the way during this practice emergency.

While most patrons were leaving reluctantly, one lady decided to check out her materials before the imaginary fire consumed her. Talk about fail, I told her to exit and she gave me the nastiest look. At least it was a nice day outside...

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