Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Food + Meetings = Bad News

Every time there is some sort of food brought to any of the meetings, whether it's candy, cake, mixed nuts(weak sauce), etc, I am always skeptical as to why: "Why are they trying to butter us up?"-mentality.  Sure, there has been the "Retiring" and "Going-Away" aka "I'm sick of you people, so I'm going to another branch" meetings where food is the norm, but if it's just a regular meeting and they bring food to butter everyone up, I always assume it can't be good.

There's a Circ meeting today and I just got an email saying there will be pizza... that can't be good.

The tomato topped, round doughy goodness is being brought in as the harbinger of bad news.  If it's Domino's, there won't be any temptation, that stuff tastes like someone took a Thomas the Tank boardbook and melted cheese on it.  They can't fire me if I don't accept a slice right!?? 

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