Friday, April 23, 2010

Rant Against Romance Novels Part II

"I could not have said this any better..."
Nicholas Sparks stated that he has no contemporaries.  No one else does what he does.  He writes unpredictable love stories, not trashy run-of-the-mill romance novels like Shakespeare.


  1. The problem is that females have much smaller brains than men, which probably prohibits them from understanding that they're watching the same movie over and over again. Or maybe they just love being miserable and daydream about having the romance of a lifetime destroyed by tragedy.

  2. In order to not offend any of my non-existent readers, I won't agree or disagree with you, at least about the small brain part.

    I'm thinking I should do some research into it. It goes well with my other research topic of why female library workers have the most odd relationship histories.