Friday, May 28, 2010

Lost and Found of the Week

Earlier this week while working the Circ desk, an Info coworker came up to me with a set of keys in her hand.
I took the keys and was about to place it in the lost and found when I noticed the keychain, it was a bottle opener that read, "Drunk Chicks Dig Me."  As I was in the process of taking a picture of it with my cell, my coworker incredulously asked, "You're taking a picture of that?"  I remark, "What? Should I take a picture of the owner when they claim it?"  We then joked about how funny it would be if an elderly person came to the desk to claim them.
A couple minutes later, a young girl came up to the desk and said that she had lost her keys.  So as I am pulling out the lost and found container, I ask her to describe them.  I would hate to think what would happen if I erroneously give away the keys of some patron's Aston Martin by accident.  She said there was a keychain.  Well, that really narrows it down.  As I'm fishing around the container with the only set of keys in there, I ask her if the keychain said anything on it.  She sheepishly replies, "Words."  It was at this point, I realized she wasn't going to budge and say those funny words so I held the  keychain up and pointed at them and asked, "Is this it?"  She nodded and took them without a reply.

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