Monday, May 10, 2010

MLIS 1/6

My first semester of the MLIS experience is over with officially. Grades have been posted for my two classes: A and an A-, really an A 'minus'? Whatever, I'll take it, I was expecting worse.

Both of these classes were hybrid, so there weren't that many in-person classes which I actually learn better from. So my two summer classes are all in-person, driving will probably suck but I can suck it up for an accelerated 6 weeks.

This week is my only break before the "Summer Session of Hell" starts. I keep telling myself that its only 6 weeks and that the rest of the summer can be spent decompressing.

"There's a 104 days of Summer Vacation,
And school comes along just to end it.
So the annual problem for our generation,
Is finding a good way to spend it."

Yeah, I threw out a Phineas and Ferb reference.

Perry the Platypus is gangster.

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