Monday, May 23, 2011

Memo to all Patrons: Please Be Kind, Rewind...

Most of the VHS and cassette tapes in the branch's collection have been weeded down to a measly 2 shelves.  It's amazing how some of those materials have lasted this long, I've looked at their circ numbers and they're always higher than I was expecting.  I'm sure some of those materials were revived by some menders in the past but still, you've got to respect the numbers when you consider the fragility of the thin magnetic tape.

I was not working for the library system when CD's were introduced into the collection, but I was there for the inclusion of DVD's and everyone felt that it was the heaven sent solution to busted tapes.  It didn't take long before these hopes were dashed.  The majority of the blame can solely fall on a few select patrons, they handle CD's and DVD's like toddlers handle board-books. 

They bitch that they couldn't finish listening to "Eat, Pray, Love" because the last CD looks like it got into a fight with their cat.  Not surprisingly, these are the same exact patrons who were too lazy to put the CD's back into the sleeves before they dropped them off in the bookdrop and all of the CD's ended up scattered among the rest of the returns.

My proposal is to brand these patrons library cards with an "A" for uhm, "Arse(?)"and limit their borrowing privileges to the VHS and cassette tapes.

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