Tuesday, May 31, 2011

P.A.T.R.O.N. Award Winner...

Last Friday morning, I was on the desk the first hour open with my friend/coworker.

During that hour a certain patron was having a hard time scanning a book barcode at one of the "Express" self check out's.  It literally looked like he was "stirring the pot" dance move with the book under the red scanner beam.  We at the circ desk are pretty quick to come over and assist patrons before the machine times out and they have to rescan their library card.  My friend quickly steps over and suggests that it might be easier if he just tilted the book under the scanner instead.  His response was to put the book down look at her all pissy and say, "Have you ever thought that maybe it would better if you just asked if I wanted your help at all in the first place instead of ASSUMING I wanted it?"

My patron a-hole spidey sense was going all sorts of crazy.  My coworker just bit her tongue and walked away from him.  After he had to rescan his library card because the checkout process timed out due to his diatribe, he said, "Hope the rest of your day is better done."

I swear, one of these days Alice, I'm going to punch one of these patrons in the face.  In general I am not one to swear, unless I've been drinking, and I never swear at work but I was effing pissed.  I guess my uber-rage had a calming affect on my friend and she was surprised at how mad I was.  Apparently this guy is a pissy regular and has yelled at several of my other coworkers when they tried to help him.

 I contemplated pulling up his email address and SPAMMING THE SH*T out if it...  Seriously eff this guy...


  1. If you have not done so, you need to forward this over to the Mofo blog (Society of Librarians Who say Motherf***er). And you are certainly more restrained than me. I certainly would have told him off, ungrateful sob.

  2. No lie DWB, I went into work this afternoon and one of my coworkers had a run in with this patron earlier in the day and he was just as much a dick to her... I'm hoping that he comes in during my last day working there so I can unleash the rage.