Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Childhood Child Stars are Better than Yours...

Just another picture I came across from my old phone's memory card.

Helllllllooooooo Winnie!  I'll admit that I was too young to fully appreciate the humor of "The Wonder Years" (thank goodness for reruns) but I still watched it because my older sister did.  I also used to think "The New Kids on the Block" were the ish (thanks sis!)...

Okay, so Danica here did do a spread for 'Stuff Magazine' but current child stars do not compare; I'd like to see any of them attempt to explain the quadratic equation now or in the future after their 15 minutes of fame passes.  The mainstream media seems to thrive on these current attention whores.  Oh you want your own TV show huh?  Well then, you should have some nude pics or a sex tape released.

Still wasn't able to sway your position?  Enter Doogie Howser FTW

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