Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rex Libris: Bibliotecher Remix Part 2

Don't let the fact that I like watching improvement shows on HGTV fool you, I am not a real handy-man.  I never took woodshop in HS and the only power tool that I personally own is a Dremel, and that's because I modded my computer case, screams sexy AND geeky at the same time huh?  I know your curious about my modded PC case, I won't leave you hanging, I used the Dremel to make a stealth drive.  Now, ladies, ladies, please, BOTH of you can hold my laser pointer anytime. 
So I was pretty damn proud of myself when I was still in full possession of all my fingers.

For the sculpting medium I used Super Sulpey Firm, mostly based on reviews and the fact that I am a complete procrastinator and this stuff does not air dry.  So I could leave it for a few days and come back to it and it would still be pliable, which happened quite often.  I also bought a Michaels' branded clay kit, thank GOD for Michaels' weekly 50% off coupons.  I was in there more times in two weeks than the combined total visits of the previous decade.

I'm also new to this whole "being artistic" thing too, the last time I touched any form of clay it was Play-Doh and I was still wetting the bed.  It took awhile to get used to this medium and every time I would find myself getting frustrated I would just remind myself that this was my first one.  I bought about 5 of these statues in the hopes that I could sell them for at least $500 a pop.... So yeah.....  I just trudged through it until the clay formed a somewhat recognizable shape and called it a day lest I destroy it with my fumbling fingers.

See the fine detail in the pages of the book????  I can hear the collective oooohhhh's and aaaaaahhhh's of the whole interwebz right now, it's quite deafening, almost silencing... Okay, mostly silence.

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