Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy 7 Billion People Day...

I hate people.  I know working directly with the public will jade you after time and I know this isn't exclusive to public service work, have you ever worked retail --- on Black Friday? 

Guess it isn't much consolation that the population is projected to level out around 10 billion.... ::sigh::


  1. Best. Blog. Opening. Line. Ever. haha...I worked Black Friday at Starbucks one year. Horrible. ::shudder::

    Friggin' people.

  2. Miss HM,
    Does that mean that somehow I can be upset with you because I had to deal with those crazy caffeinated shopping maniacs when I worked at Best Buy??? You were their enabler!!

  3. You can't at all! They didn't effing show up to sbux till AFTER they hit up Best Buy! Like at stupid noon o'clock. It was horrible!!