Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Damn this Anti-Cardigan Weather...

Taste the (partial) Rainbow...
I was looking forward for some paid snow days this winter but was left completely disappointed.  Now, spring seems to be in full effect and it is too warm to wear any sweaters at work. 

This means that I now have to iron all of my shirts.  Yes, I am that much of a lazy but I've completely embraced the whole librarian sweater style.  I guess I don't really have to, but I couldn't be that "constantly wrinkled shirt guy."

Today, the circ manager broke out all of the table top fans from storage and plugged them all in... ALL.  There were a couple at the circ desk, one at the info desk, and a handful in the backroom.   

How do I put this delicately... First off, no offense to any of the older library staff out there I love you all.  But a lot of my coworkers, current branch and past, are at a certain age/stage in life where their body temperatures tend to get warmer than usual, much warmer and I really feel for them.  Branch thermostat control is all handled remotely by admin, supposedly to help save some money.  I know for a fact that when branches had control of their own thermostats, most branches could be described as "chilly" during the non-winter months and I didn't mind it because you can always layer up.  There's only so much you can take off before it gets awkward... let's just hope it doesn't get to that point of awkwardness this summer.


  1. I totally understand you, I work in the middle of the Hot Flash Club and the temperature is always wonky here.

  2. One of my older coworkers used to threaten to come into work in her swimsuit if the A/C wasn't raised during one summer. Scarred me for life --- for life...