Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Don't Always Buy Books for Myself...

But when I do, it's usually something stupid/silly that I enjoy.

Over the weekend while getting drunk with a bunch of librarian-friends, one of them told me that earlier in the day, she "bought a book that would make me jealous."  My response was, "The Archer book?"  At first she was surprised, then she realized that her shock was unfounded.  I'm not always one of the first to catch a great TV series from it's beginning (Firefly, Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development) with the exception of Community, Modern Family, and Archer.

I haven't read a book that made me laugh so much since Bossypants.  Then again, I'm pretty sure that The Art of Racing in the Rain and Unbroken weren't meant to be funny or I have completely let down all of my past English teachers by completely misinterpreting "the author's hidden message."

My friend also looked for an audio-version but alas, you can't have it all.  I just had to read it in the characters' voices.  If anyone out there can get an audio-version produced, I will forever be grateful.  It would be a guaranteed cash-cow. I mean, have you listened to Samuel L. Jackson's reading of "Go the F*ck to Sleep"???  He put that book in the DDDDAAAANNNGGGGEEEERRR ZZZZZOOOOONNNNEEEEE...

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