Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brace Yourselves, Summer Reading is Coming...

Yesterday's staff meeting was the last one before SRP starts, so the Info meeting was all about it: book lists, book talks, signing up, youth volunteers, etc.  It was the first time we ever used the whole allotted time talking about Info related stuff, I mean, there never really is anything "new or radical" in the public library world.

It was also talked about during the all staff meeting.  I just want to take the time out to say thanks to my coworkers who volunteered me to take the meeting notes... punks.  "That's what you get for coming prepared," said my coworker sitting next to me as she was playing Angry Birds on her phone.  I'll just botch the notes when I type them up so they won't choose me again.

It was agreed that the teen poster looked like an ad for Apple and the theme: "We Own the Night," seems completely unrelated to SRP so they will not be posted.  And it appears that I'm the only one who finds the guitar playing bats NOT cute.  Yet another example of horrible library marketing.

Tangent Warning:  Theon, wtf!?!??  You quickly have tied Joffrey as the #1 person I love to hate.

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