Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Welcome to the Public Library, Where No One is EVER HAPPY...

I remember doing this in 2nd grade, I wrote a letter to my Mom...
Last week, the library received a letter in the mail from a local elementary school child. I remember doing this project in second grade, measuring the placement of the stamp with a ruler thinking that if it wasn't in the proper place, parallel to the edges in the front right corner of the envelope it wouldn't be sent.

I actually just had a short conversation with a regular patron this afternoon.  He asked if anyone ever thought about putting a wall between the children's area and the rest of the library.  This library was just remodeled last year so I highly doubt there will be any new construction on the horizon.  I really think there is a strong disconnect between architects when it comes to library function and form.  When was the last time they were actually in the to see how "things work."  Nice airy spaces look and feel nice, but how about you throw up some sound-deadening here and there.

Anyways, sorry Little Miss Patron, but I refuse to "Shhh" anyone or make references to it.  It's bad enough I'm rocking the stereotypical cardigans at work.

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