Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'll have an El Derecho, yes, I know that Guacamole is extra...

So my past week has been fun.  I was watching 'Brave' with my friend on Friday night when the movie cut out 4 times during the last 10 minutes, kind of ruins the climactic ending.  Similar to the ending of a close March Madness game, the last minute on the clock ends up turning into 5+ minutes.  Some lone high school kid working at the movie theater came in after the third film outage to tell the packed house, which was full of little kids, that it was because of power surges and to expect more delays in the movie.

There were tons of debris on the road and I had to take numerous detours.  On Saturday, I assumed work was cancelled, but I couldn't call or check emails because the whole damn network was down.  The day was ridiculously hot, thankfully my sister never lost power so I spent a couple nights there.  Driving around without any stoplights at major intersections is hazardous to your health.
Seriously, douche, if you didn't learn what to do
from the cars that went before you, your license should be revoked.
Okay, I know it does not happen often, but for those out there who don't know: whenever you come across a downed stoplight, you're supposed to treat it like a four-way stop.  That applies to everyone, including that ass who thinks they're above the rest of society and blows right threw them.  If I were in charge of the DMV, I would put that question in the license renewal exam and anyone who fails that question, automatically has to take a special driving course.

Two winters ago I dealt with the power going out during a blizzard.  It sucked because I was stuck in the house because the roads weren't plowed.  But one redeeming thing about power outages in the winter is that you can add more layers, you can only take off so much in a summer power outage.  The heat just saps your energy, in the cold you just want to hibernate.

As of right now, I still don't know if my branch has power back yet.  If not, I'll have to call around to find a branch willing to take in this branch-less refugee.

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