Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Patrons Have Spoken...

Finally, after months of patrons complaints about the front row of LEV, Low Emissions Vehicle, parking spots, the library board announced that the County will be removing them and scattering them around the lot.

Any time a patron complains, I have several scripts to reply with in my head:
"Yes, it is cold in here."
"It should be easier to download e-books, blame the publishers."
"Would you like me to get the branch manager?"

Whenever an LEV parking complaint came across the desk, I let the patron know that while it may temporarily feel good to bitch/vent to me, but there is nothing I could do about it.  And that the next time they came to the library, they would get riled up to see the LEV reserved spots in the same exact spot again.  I gave them the Supervisor's contact information, since HE was the one who wanted them in a prominent position for a PR blurb.  But I guess that has run it's course, so now that he's gotten his local newspaper article cut out for his album, the spots are now being dispersed like they should have been in the first damn place.

Politics as u-su-al


  1. Fuckin' library politics, man.

    1. It's the worst right after misdirected patron bitching.