Monday, July 30, 2012

The Rules of the Library #4: Fans, Fans Everywhere.

Rules of the Library #4: Fans, Fans Everywhere.

They don't call it the "Greying of the profession" for nothing.  With older coworkers in every branch, a lot of them experience hot flashes on the daily.  Usually being the lone male in the library, I have heard way too many jokes and references to menopause from my coworkers.  That usually isn't the worst of it, it's the jokes about Viagra and their husbands which I usually cringe at.

Right at your hoo-ha
It is not uncommon to hear the whirring of fans at the info desk, circ desk, and the backroom.  This is all year round too.  The circ manager stopped asking my opinion if "the branch is too hot" during the winter months --- "Wait, your opinion doesn't count!"  I'm sitting at the info desk, all layered up, and she's across the way at the circ desk with a fan blowing at hurricane speed.  I don't know if fan salespeople exist, but if you do, hit up your local library and you can send your children to college from all the sales.


  1. LOL. I tell everyone that I work with the hot flash club. They always have fans running and I want to to cry half of the time.

    1. Let the temperature in the library go above 72 degrees, and you'll have a librarian strike on your hands.

  2. I sympathize about your situation. It is unfair that your circ manager has a desk fan on her desk, while you at the info desk have none. Maybe bringing your own desk fan can be a good move, but you should first ask permission for it. I wonder how many libraries have the same situation as your place.

    1. Hey MISS STACI,
      The circ manager uses a fan all year long, no matter the season, even in the middle of winter when we get cold drafts from the front doors. I'm okay with layering up in the winter.
      Knowing the general demographic of library workers, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a 1:2 fan to staff ratio at most libraries, lol.