Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Consumer Reports: Public Libraries Recommended!

'Consumer Reports' May 2013, Vol. 78, page 17
This afternoon I was browsing through the latest issue of Consumer Reports through our online database when I came across this public library shout-out in their "101 Secrets from our Experts" article:

"Need help with research?
The public library is a resource many people overlook. 
Libraries subscribe to databases you undoubtedly don't,
and librarians can find information not easily
available with a Google search
or to a person without a library-science training."

On behalf of all public libraries and librarians, THANK YOU CONSUMER REPORTS!  
Libraries suck at marketing themselves and their available resources.  So it is nice to see someone other than a library-targeted publication talk about our usefulness/relevance.  

9 out of 10 patrons are completely surprised when I tell them that they can access 'Consumer Reports' online, from home, 24 - 7, with their library card.  Pretty ironic/meta that I would come across this article using our online databases recommending our online databases.  

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