Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dear Library People...

I found this little gem taped to a book in the drop last week.  When I first saw a piece of paper attached to a book, I instantly thought it was a note that a patron lost a book and this was its replacement, which is NOT the way we handle replacements.  Patrons should also not drop cash in the bookdrop thinking that it will magically apply to their account's late fees.  It doesn't work that way and until the library accepts online payments, stop trying avoid the walk of shame and please come inside the branch.

Anyways, back to the note, after reading the note I thought that this is an example of great parenting.  Unfortunately the jaded library work side to me thought, hmmm, maybe this is a new scheme to avoid paying fees.  I wasn't the only one who thought this after I emailed this to my coworker-friends.  The reactions I got were: "How cute," "Go mom!," and "That's pretty funny, but I'm so cynical so I instantly wondered if it was a trick to get the fines removed."

So Miss Danielle, I was able to remove any associated fees, unfortunately, I was not able to let Ted know how sorry you are.

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