Friday, July 22, 2011

Cutter Classification Makes Me Want to Cut Someone...

Last night's lecture was brutal.  3 and a half hours of Cutter.  I'm not quite sure what the professor was thinking when they expected to go through Cutter AND Dewey in one lecture.  This wasn't just a brief glossing over either, it was an introduction, then full explanation and lecture on how to classify and encode any item.  I hate to admit it, but I think taking Cataloging and Classification in an intense, compressed summer session was a mistake.

This is the first time myself and most of my classmates have ever delved into the reason or rhyme to the Cutter System and it's never ending-schedules and tables.  The few that work at the campus library had a leg up, I on the other hand have no experience whatsoever, I'm more of a Dewey kind of guy.  Of course all you academic people are down with Cutter, while most public libraries are hardcore Dewey.  I can kind of see why people swear by one or the other.  I liken the situation to people who are vehemently against dating people who are steadfast in their beliefs; democrat vs republic, cat vs dog-person, etc.  If I ever were to date another librarian, first I would have to find out if they were down with Dewey or LCC, or dare I even say BOTH, and second, I don't think it is possible because the sheer awesomeness of two librarians together would be too much to handle.  To make matters worse, I was sitting there thinking that I could be at Comic-Con instead...

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