Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rex Libris: Bibliotecher Remix Part 3

I love LED's.  I have swapped every possible light on my car to an LED format.  What's not to love about them; they're bright, last a long time, take less power, and are relatively cheap.

I only managed to burn myself once using my beginner's soldering kit.  I am finishing up my second Rex statue and I am still trying to get this soldering technique down, thanks YouTube!
Since I have not used a paintbrush since grade school, I choose the easiest option when it came time to paint --- acrylic markers.  These things are amazing.

I'm pretty satisfied with my first edition.  For the second one, I painted the barcode scanner and wire in silver for better contrast against the black suit.  My next revision will be to sculpt the head to make it look like Sterling Archer (LLLAAAAANNNNNAAA!)  and maybe to re-position the barcode arm pointing upwards.


  1. Thanks, one of my coworkers has requested a "Jane Libris" version so I need to hone my sculpting skills.