Monday, October 17, 2011

Don't Make Me Be a Librarian...

The move from Circ to Info has introduced a lot of new and different responsibilities.

When I worked at the circ desk:
Patron - "Someone is talking on their cell phone in the quiet study"
Me - "You can tell the librarians at the Info desk." 
Patron - "Someone is looking at inapproriate websites on one of the public internet stations" 
Me - "You should tell one of the librarians at the Info desk."

Do you see the pattern?  Well now karma is paying me back because now I am the one who gets pointed to from the Circ desk when it comes to those patron interactions.  I cringe at the thought of having to tell children not to run, but I would hate the thought of them running around carelessly and knocking over one of the many elderly patrons. 

It is a straight shot from the entrance to the children's section, maybe if I can set up some obstacles to discourage any form of accelerated movement, maybe an errantly placed book-cart here or there ought to do it.


  1. "I don't want to hear you cry" would be the big portion of my pie chart and the smaller sliver would be "I don't feel like calling an ambulance when you're on the floor bleeding"

  2. Haha, I'm not going to lie, I'm a ageist.
    I'm the one who volunteers to carry out their heavy bag of Large Prints to their car, or makes their fees "disappear."

  3. I guess I'd feel that way if I was working Adult. But since I'm in Youth Services there is a lack of old people to be knocked over. And mainly it's teens running and I'm always like "STOP RUNNING! I SWEAR I WON'T CALL AN AMBULANCE WHEN YOU GET HURT IF YOU DON'T STOP!"

  4. I read that line as:

    "EVERYONE is looking at inapproriate websites on one of the public internet stations"

    And made this face O_O


  5. MISFIT,
    Yeah, I would probably do the same if I was working in Youth. If the yelling doesn't work, I'm sure a well placed trip line would.

    Haha, that subject matter is for a blog post of its own!