Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Winter is Coming Librarians - Get those Cardigans Ready...

After working just a mere three weeks at the Info desk, I get the whole librarian and sweater deal. I don't know why I didn't see it before.  I guess it's different working on the Circ side, although I did have to wear my winter jacket once when I worked for the City but that's because the automatic doors weren't closing all the way.

It seems that almost every library I have worked at is set up the same way.  When you walk through the front doors, the Info desk is right in front of you.  I can understand why, it is the first thing people should be greeted by.  I mean how else are they going to find out where the bathrooms are despite the fact that they walked right past them and didn't read any of the signs.

Unfortunately this means that the Info desk also bears the brunt of all of the cold fronts that blow through every time a patron walks in or out.  If it is this chilly now at the Info desk, I cannot imagine what it will be like mid-winter.  But I have already winterized my closet:
I also have a back up cardigan along with a hoodie in my car.  I don't have a holiday themed sweater in my arsenal, but I will be graduating from my MLIS program in the next few months *hint-hint*... I like blue.


  1. What address can I send the cardigan to? :)

    PS-That graphic is full of the most win that ever winned.


  2. Miss HM,
    If it's blue and has snowflakes and/or a snowman, I will pick it up myself! Halloween is coming up and I was thinking about going as a stereotypical librarian....

  3. Huzzah! It's a cardigan date!

    Do you wear glasses?!


  4. I also have a back up hoodie I keep in my car, but try to only use it as a last resort as it doesn't really exude "professional." I'm not near the front doors at this library, but we cannot control the temperature which the county likes to keep at a pleasant 60-65 degree range.

    A couple months ago I bought myself a plain black cardigan for the sole purpose of keeping it in my desk at work for use on days when I'm silly enough to wear short sleeves just because it's 80 degrees outside.

  5. Miss SHUSHIE,
    I wish I could hack and wrest control of the thermostat from the County.
    "We are Librarians. We are freezing. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Sweater Us..."
    Do you think ANON could spare a few minutes to help us in our cause??